What happened to the Holland Bar?
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What happened to the Holland Bar in New York? I walked past and the gates were down! The phone is not being answered. Yet another NYC dive gone? What are my alternatives?
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I knew it was the beginning of the end for that stretch of dives when Bellevue Bar turned into more of a "lounge" than a bar.

We'll always have Rudy's though, right?
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What areas of town are you willing to go to?
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Rudy's isn't even that much of a dive anymore. Last time I went there, it was full of hipsters and the booths looked like you wouldn't catch anything if you sat on them. So weird.

The dive-iest dive that I know of is Mars Bar. Tiny, grungy, full of surly drunks. Utterly disgusting bathroom. Fantastic. On 2nd Ave and 1st Street.
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Bedhead is right. What about the Blarney Cove on 14th and A? That's pretty divey.
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Best answer: That's a bit of a bummer about Rudy's...I've had many an adventure start there.

A block away from Holland is Dave's Tavern. Usually a pretty depressing crowd in there when I went, but (or should that be and?) that was at happy hour on my way home.

There was also a pretty decent hole in the wall I used to stop in sometimes when I'd walk home from work, Billy Mark's. On 9th around 30th I think, assuming it's still there. If I recall correctly, there's a pretty grimy Blarney Stone near there too.
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Wakamba Lounge?
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Response by poster: Rudy's is a shadow of its former self. Too many hipsters and tourists.

I liked hanging at the Holland while waiting for the bus at Port Authority. I guess I could check and see if Dave's is still around. If it's my kind of depressing all might not yet be lost.
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Dave's is still there, mono. I just popped in there for a beer about 2 weeks ago while killing time waiting on a friend.
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