Children's Bento Box?
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Suggestions for bento box dealers?

My son is a fussy eater, and the thermal sack we bought for his school lunches is not going to carry things like peanut butter and jelly crackers well. Someone suggested a bento box, and I've been reading up on them since.

Which on line sites are good places to find relatively cheap children's bento boxes, that also have quick delivery?
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Best answer: Bento store locator - Online list of bento retailers
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thank you so much.
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I bought someone a bento box from last year. I'm not a bento box expert but they had a decent selection, decent prices. The shipping is relatively expensive if you want it fast though, because it comes from Japan.
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Dollar boxes. Cheap molds, etc...
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My daughter loves her Laptop Lunchbox. It even comes with a lunch idea book. The kids at school thought it was cool.
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Best answer: Ooops -

Try this link.
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Response by poster: Laptop Lunches wins it. A another friend suggested the box used by the Vegan Lunch Box blog (the laptop lunch box), and then two other friends linked me to it. Four recommendations is hard to ignore.

Thanks everyone.
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Wow Laptop lunches... very cool.
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