I'm looking for a cheap pop3 mail for my .be-domain
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E-mail problem: I'm looking for a cheap pop3 mail for my .be-domain. [MI]

After being screwed over royally by my ISP about e-mails (basically: having to change all my addresses and getting crappy service in return) I decided to get my own domain and get a couple of POP3 boxes on it: then my mail would be guaranteed, and I could change ISP's any time I wanted to. I did this two months ago.

Turns out that the hosting company was cheap but their service is at least as crappy as my ISP's: they've interrupted e-mail delivery for more than a week now and they always promise that it will be sorted "today" or "tomorrow". I want to migrate my domain and e-mail to a reputable, cheap hosting company, anywhere in the world (but they must be able to handle .be domains).

I need about 5 to 10 POPboxes, unlimited bandwith if possible, guaranteed service (I need my e-mail), spam and virusfilters and full administration capabilities. And some service (i.e. warning in advance about server reboots, migrations, shutdowns, etc.). I don't need any webhosting (yet), I prefer mail-only deals (so no packages with PHP and LINUX and 200 MB of webspace, that only costs more). To give you an idea: with the crappy company I pay 5 euro for the mail, 10 euro for each domain, per year.

Difficult? Who, me?
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Get a free account at ZoneEdit, who provide DNS. Make them your domain's DNS servers.

Buy mail accounts from Fastmail, who provide IMAP and POP3 (and SMTP). Fastmail let you set them as your domain's MX server. Do this at ZoneEdit.

You don't need to change your domain registrar to do any of this.
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To use my own domain at Fastmail seems to cost 40 $ per year, and it has a lot of those "extras" I don't need. Is Fastmail really the best (or only) option in terms of quality/price?
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You don't need the Enhanced account, you can go for the Full account and pay an extra $1 per month per domain. Fastmail probably isn't the only option, but it is the best.
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I'd just get an account at someone reliable like say Pair.com and host the domain there. If you don't want to pay that much check out WebHostingTalk.com Forums for another decent host who guarantee reliable uptime.
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fastmail is good, but you need a certain level of account for pop access. DSVR offer a free 20Mb account for free. Their hugely expensive paid for accounts are rock solid, but I don't know how this translates to the free accounts. I'd also consider 1 & 1. They have very cheap email accounts with allowance for external domains.
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