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September 7

Free street parking in Clarendon, VA

Looking for non-permit street parking in Clarendon, VA. Is there any? Friends are visiting and just need a place to leave the car, that won't cost $20 per night or require moving it every few hours.
posted by molla around Washington, DC at 2:57 PM - 4 answers has best

June 29

Cab/Car service recommendations in DC

Traveling to DC soon with Man and Boy. Have a question about getting around when the Metro isn't practical or possible. [more inside]
posted by dejah420 around Washington, DC at 7:04 PM - 12 answers

April 22

Friendly Karaoke in DC

My friend wants to do karaoke but is nervous. Is there a bar in DC that would be likely to provide a friendly, supportive environment for this? Difficulty level: Saturday night. [more inside]
posted by lunasol around Washington, DC at 11:45 AM - 2 answers

March 16

Where to stay in DC?

I'm probably going to get to go to a conference in DC in early May. The conference is at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill at 400 New Jersey Avenue, NW. Where should I stay? (Hotel block rate a little above what I hope to pay.) [more inside]
posted by latkes around Washington, DC at 11:09 AM - 10 answers has best

February 19

Toddling through DC

I would like to take my family (husband, myself, toddler under 2) to visit my brother in DC this spring. Help us make it work! [more inside]
posted by jillithd around Washington, DC at 6:45 AM - 15 answers has best

January 14

Washington DC sightseeing ideas for a bus load of seniors

Please help me figure out a 4-hour sightseeing itinerary for a bus load of senior citizens (60-70 year olds) in Washington DC this February. [more inside]
posted by Triumphant Muzak around Washington, DC at 1:55 PM - 8 answers

December 10, 2014

Marriott in Washington DC

We will be visiting DC at the end of December for the first time. Any suggestions on which of these Marriott hotels would be most desirable. [more inside]
posted by waving around Washington, DC at 1:07 PM - 13 answers has best

December 7, 2014

Traveling alone to DC on Christmas weekend. What to do?

So I have a few days off and just want to get away on a small budget. I have decided that I will take the bus to Washington, DC over the Christmas weekend, and will probably be staying at a hostel or maybe couchsurfing. I will probably stay for one or two nights. I don't have any friends or family in the DC area and, so far, I couldn't find anyone to travel with me, so I will be traveling alone. [more inside]
posted by wye naught around Washington, DC at 8:06 PM - 8 answers

November 24, 2014

personal mini-retreat near Boston

I'm looking to take a personal mini-retreat December 31-January 2, somewhere within 2 hours of Boston (including Boston proper) by train. I'd like it to be more on the luxury end than the rustic end (e.g., no yoga camps). [more inside]
posted by spindrifter around Washington, DC at 9:24 AM - 9 answers has best

November 21, 2014

Suggestions wanted for short winter getaway in the Northeast

A close friend and I want to celebrate our birthdays together this winter and are looking for suggestions for a short getaway somewhere near New York City, Boston, or in between. Any recommendations, hivemind? [more inside]
posted by galaxy rise around Washington, DC at 4:52 PM - 10 answers has best

November 7, 2014

Foodie suggestions for a moderate splurge meal in Durham or DC?

I'd like to buy a gift card for a foodie in my life for either Durham, NC or Washington D.C. My foodie is a passionate advocate of the slow food movement (and is an active part of slow food in his home city). Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by arnicae around Washington, DC at 6:17 PM - 9 answers has best

September 7, 2014

Going to DC Sept. 16, 17 and 18. Yay! Fun things to do?

Hi everyone! My work is sending me to DC to, you know, get that whole federal government thing straightened out. What fun things are going on on the evenings of the 16th, 17th and 18th? Or, where do I look to find such things? Thanks!
posted by Alaska Jack around Washington, DC at 9:48 AM - 14 answers has best

August 21, 2014

DC Taxi with a Baby?

If you're flying in to Reagan National Airport in DC with a baby and your own car seat, how do you get a cab to your hotel? Will the regular cabs at the cab stand be able to accommodate you, or should you reserve a car service or cab ahead of time? If the latter, can you recommend a company? [more inside]
posted by bluefly around Washington, DC at 9:52 AM - 13 answers has best

August 7, 2014

Looking for a restaurant in DC

I'm looking for a restaurant for a large group in the Chinatown-Penn Quarter neighborhood of DC. [more inside]
posted by lunasol around Washington, DC at 8:08 AM - 14 answers has best

Looking for a bumpy ride (to induce labor) in DC

We're not convinced that it'll work, either -- but going on 8 days past our due date, we're game for trying anything. Any suggestions on a bumpy road around the DC/Maryland metro area that we could drive along to try to get this labor thing going? Or maybe nearby farms that host hay rides this time of year (ideally one where we don't have to bring 25 of our closest friends)? [more inside]
posted by rdn around Washington, DC at 6:53 AM - 17 answers has best

August 5, 2014

Awesome/unusual places for 4-year-old in DC?

What are some really magical and unusual places to visit/things to do with a 4-year-old for fun in DC? He's visited most of the usual museums/zoos etc. (including 826 DC) that would be good for kids. Also acceptable are magical and unusual things happening at one of the usual places :-).
posted by shivohum around Washington, DC at 8:10 AM - 15 answers

July 17, 2014

Super hip coffee places

What are the hippest (to the point of painfully hip) coffee shops that you know in DC? [more inside]
posted by andrewesque around Washington, DC at 1:14 PM - 17 answers

July 2, 2014

Where to pick up a coworker in Washington D.C.

I'm traveling from NC to PA and need to pick up a coworker in Washington D.C. Neither of us is very familiar with D.C. [more inside]
posted by dmo around Washington, DC at 9:42 AM - 12 answers has best

June 30, 2014

Ideas for preparing kids for a White House tour?

We're taking a White House tour -- yay! How can I get my kids excited (and informed) about it? [more inside]
posted by QuantumMeruit around Washington, DC at 4:55 PM - 6 answers

June 13, 2014

Four Years in our Nation's Capitol!!! What to do?!! What to do?!!

What should be my nephew check out while he's going to school in Washington, D.C.? [more inside]
posted by Hanuman1960 around Washington, DC at 8:28 AM - 12 answers has best