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April 14

A group of 6-10 of us are going to be biking between Portland and San Francisco along Highway 101. What would be the best places to stop for day side trips? [more inside]
posted by saul wright around San Jose, CA at 6:42 PM - 6 answers

April 11

Coffee? Drinks? Food? What's good in Silverlake/K-Town LA? [more inside]
posted by Joseph Gurl around Los Angeles, CA at 12:27 AM - 11 answers

April 8

I'm headed to San Francisco for a week at the end of the month. Work will reimburse up to $190 per night for a hotel. I really want to stay downtown for easier access to restaurants, bars and nightlife. I'm fine with driving to and from the worksite. Which hotel(s) would you recommend?
posted by grateful around San Francisco, CA at 10:31 AM - 14 answers

April 2

Weekend Stay in Yosemite: Hiking Good. Camping Bad. Advice? [more inside]
posted by jander03 around Yosemite Village, CA at 5:38 PM - 8 answers

Taking the Coast Starlight from Seattle to Jack London Sq., but want to take the ferry to Pier 41 where I have a hotel waiting. But I've got luggage. Can I bring it on the ferry? No information on official site. Please help. Thanks so much! [more inside]
posted by itsjustcarlo around Oakland, CA at 4:16 PM - 11 answers

March 24

Good SF area playground or similar for meeting up/hanging out, by BART with good parking? [more inside]
posted by The Toad around California at 8:39 AM - 6 answers has best

March 20

We're going to be in Monterey, CA, this afternoon, and staying overnight. Tonight is our fourth wedding anniversary - where should we go for some nice but not crazy expensive seafood tonight? And any recommendations for breakfast places? Thanks!
posted by skycrashesdown around Monterey, CA at 10:25 AM - 11 answers has best

March 18

Where can I park my car this weekend while housesitting in Noe Valley? I don't mind a walking distance I just need a place to park my car from Friday night to Sunday afternoon where it will be safe and not piss off the neighborhood. Does that even exist? It will be our little secret..
posted by loquat around San Francisco, CA at 5:59 PM - 13 answers

March 16

My wife is working on a grant application for a research trip to Los Angeles centered around getting a feel for old Hollywood and the western part of L.A. (this is working towards a novel taking place from the 50s to roughly the early 90s, FWIW). We're trying to put together a budget for the proposal, and were hoping to get some guidance. [more inside]
posted by COBRA! around Los Angeles, CA at 7:12 AM - 12 answers

March 14

I recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles, and am getting a kick out of exploring the neighborhood--it's changed a lot since I last visited in the early 2000s, has amazing architecture, and a fascinating mix of people and different communities. But I'm new to Los Angeles and unfamiliar with the neighborhood... what are the gems of downtown that are worth checking out?
posted by huskerdont around Los Angeles, CA at 10:13 AM - 12 answers

March 13

I've been to LA probably a dozen times or so, but mostly for events or a quick trip to Disney. My friends and I are taking a cruise that disembarks next Sunday morning, around 10am. Our flight from LAX doesn't depart until 7:50 PM, so we have a day to kill in LA proper. [more inside]
posted by disillusioned around Los Angeles, CA at 1:21 PM - 24 answers

March 12

I will be in San Diego for the first time since the late nineties. I don't want to do the beach scene and even getting up to La Jolla isn't a priority. I want to fly in and stay two weeks at a place near Ivy Street in South Park. Can I get by without a car in this area? Can I walk to restaurants, grocery stores, etc? I understand that North Park has more to do, but I have to stay at this place in South Park. Can I get by without a car in this area? Are there buses in South Park that could easily get me downtown if needed? As always, thanks in advance!
posted by Gerard Sorme around San Diego, CA at 12:53 PM - 7 answers has best

March 4

I just signed up for Uber and I want to do right by the driver. A service charge is included, and the web site says "no need to tip." Is tipping really not expected? [more inside]
posted by Room 641-A around Los Angeles, CA at 5:13 PM - 22 answers has best

March 1

Hubby is going to a conference March 30th - April 3rd at the Westin Long Beach. Should I tag along? We'd just have to pay for my airfare and petsitting, so maybe $500 which is definitely affordable for us. It seems like a good opportunity to get some west coast time (we live in Philly), but any place with Beach in the name sounds good right now...I'm afraid this cold, snowy winter will never end! Is there enough to do while Mr. jshort is at the conference all day? If I go, what should I do? Where should I/we eat? What will the weather be like? [more inside]
posted by jshort around Long Beach, CA at 8:42 AM - 17 answers has best

February 27

Next month I have a 10:30pm flight out of San Diego and all my mates are leaving in the morning. What lovely fun thing could I do that I could only do there? Or, never mind me, what would you do if you just had 12 hours in San Diego? [more inside]
posted by HopStopDon'tShop around San Diego, CA at 4:54 AM - 10 answers has best

February 25

A friend's mother is coming to town and we're trying to brain storm some beautiful places to take her. The thing is she has limited mobility and tends to get around in a wheel chair. When I think of places to take people it usually involves a hike to something like the Sutro Baths or China Beach, etc, etc. Would love to hear some thoughts!
posted by matt_od around San Francisco, CA at 3:15 PM - 17 answers

February 23

We like beer, beautiful scenery, flying kites, and getting home by 9. What's fun in Emoryville?
posted by jander03 around Emeryville, CA at 10:12 PM - 3 answers

I'm looking to fly to the Palo Alto area sometime next month. I don't necessarily want to fly to SFO, especially if there is a smaller airport nearby. Im flying from JFK, which is not negotiable. 'time of week, cost, etc. are all negotiable. Thanks for any insight.
posted by dfriedman around San Francisco, CA at 4:25 AM - 13 answers

February 22

I'm trying to find a good driving school or instructor here in Santa Monica or close enough to take a bus there. None of my relatives know anyone or any school that they can really vouch for. I want to make sure that I get lessons from somewhere where I won't just throw out my money and then have to take the driving test 8 times before passing the driving test. Anyone know any good driving schools or instructors?
posted by antgly around Santa Monica, CA at 12:27 PM - 4 answers

We'll be in L.A. for 2-3 weekdays in mid-March, and while one of our evenings is scheduled, we have no idea what to do with the rest of our time. We'll be staying in or near Hollywood, and won't have a car, but don't mind taking transit. We're especially looking for suggestions for one really very nice, splurge-y place for dinner, as well as great inexpensive places to eat. Also interested in: coffee-snob coffee; fancy cocktails; craft beer; fun/interesting/unique places to shop; anything else that seems interesting. We also really like live shows (comedy/improv/podcast/music), but most of the L.A. shows we know about are on the weekend. And I'm planning to go to Jenette Bras for a fitting, but I'd love suggestions for any other bra shops that carry sizes in the G+ range.
posted by rhiannonstone around Los Angeles, CA at 12:48 AM - 17 answers has best