Late night dining near Great American Music Hall
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Where can we eat a nice dinner after seeing a show at the Great American Music Hall?

We're seeing a show at the Great American Music Hall in a couple of weeks (on a Thursday for what it's worth). It's a quasi-birthday thing, so I'd like to get dinner afterwards. We're only planning on seeing the opening act, so I'm looking for places that are open until 11:00pm. A bar that serves food would be just fine (though would prefer somewhere a little nicer than a pub).

No dietary restrictions.

So: where can we get a late dinner on a weeknight (ideally) within walking distance of the Great American Music Hall?
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Lers Ros, literally around the corner on Larkin, serves delicious Thai food and is open until midnight.
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The Saratoga is about 3 blocks from the Great American, open until midnight.
posted by janey47 at 12:37 PM on October 27

Tommy’s Joynt is a couple of blocks away and is a San Francisco institution - great comfort food, inexpensive, crammed with personality and open late.
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