What to do in San Francisco with a 17-year-old girl?
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I'm going to be in San Francisco tomorrow morning until Friday night to meet some relatives of mine from Sweden, along with my parents. Most of those two days are going to be spent with the family but my dad wants me to show my 17-year-old relative around so that we aren't with "the olds" the entire time. I haven't been to SF since I was 14. My friend told me to stop by the venue he works at, Thee Parkside.

For reference, I'm 27 and like to drink beers, so someplace where I can do that but also have someone underage there would be cool, but isn't 100% necessary. I imagine we'll be hanging out at night when most things other than bars and venues are closed.

Typically when people come visit me in Portland I take them to do things that aren't touristy so they get a feel of what "everyday life" is like, which is sort of what I want to do in San Fran because we'll be doing all the touristy stuff in the daytime.
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Best answer: The Soda Fountain at the Ice Cream Bar is a cool bar-alternative, and it's open pretty late.
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Best answer: The Oakland Museum is open late on Friday nights, half price admission for adults, free admission under 18, has food trucks, drinks, music, and is a 10 minute train ride from downtown SF. The main exhibit right now is about the history of marijuana in California.
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Best answer: If you're stopping by Thee Parkside, get the tatchos! They're great. Connecticut Yankee, a nearby bar with a full menu, is likely lax with their carding - that neighborhood is the opposite of "underage party". Bottom of the Hill is nearby and might have some all ages shows - there are definitely some 18+

There are a bunch of bubble tea places in SF that are open late - Teaspoon is one of my favorites, Boba Guys is the new trendy one, Quickly is cheap... Just put "bubble tea open now" in Yelp and see what shows up near you.

Bi-Rite Creamery is open until 10 PM and IMO has the best ice cream in the city.

Sixth Course in the Mission has a massive dessert selection and is open late.
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Best answer: Green Apple Books for books, music, and souvenirs, then head to Genki Ramen for dinner and drinks. You can go sightsee the Cliff House/Sutro Baths ruins at sunset and head over Clement Street after it gets dark. It's kind of a long way from downtown, though, but you can easily get a Lyft. Tia Margarita has a full bar and food and they are open late often.

Rainbow Grocery and Cliff's Hardware and window shopping along Valencia Street and lying around in Dolores Park were all big parts of my everyday life. So was the Musee Mecanique and the maritime museum, but if you do the Wharf as part of your touristy stuff, you'll see it. I would suggest the Church of 8 Wheels (roller rink) but I'm not sure how extensive their carding is for adults-only evenings and I think they're only open weekends anyway. Simple Pleasures cafe at Balboa between 35th and 36th Ave has beer on tap as well as coffee, food, etc. and is a delightful all-ages place to relax. Gets kind of crowded outside in nice weather. There's also a decent movie theater right there.
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Best answer: It's super touristy, but my seventeen-year-old cousin (I'm 27) and I really enjoyed walking around Pier 39.
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Best answer: Definitely go sit in Dolores Park -- great people watching, and it would be totally normal for you to bring a six-pack. Like folks have mentioned, get Bi-Rite beforehand!
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Is Thee Parkside all ages? I haven't been there in years but they always carded at the door before.
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Best answer: What about Mexican food? That's a pretty cool unique American/California thing. I'd take her to a taqueria in the Mission for a burrito (I'm not a SF resident so I won't wade into the debate about which place in the Mission has the best burritos, but I always really liked Taqueria Cancun).
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Best answer: I have to think someone her age would love browsing Upper Playground.

Clarion Alley is pretty amazing.
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I had fun at Urban Putt. I thought the food and drinks were really good too. Much better than I had expected.
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Seconding Urban Putt. Our teens love going there, and I like their cocktails. Ditto Musée Mechanique, that place is wonderful and we brave the tourist hordes to visit pretty often (mostly because they still have a few wet process film photobooths!). Cliff's Variety is definitely fun to poke around in.
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I hear Pokemon Go is pretty great in Golden Gate Park...
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Warning: both Urban Putt and Mission Bowling Club are sometimes 21+; check before you go.

If you want to play Pokemon Go, try Golden Gate Park, the Embarcadero near the Ferry Building, or Ocean Beach (if you're in search of a Lapras and have a coat).
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