Pimp my lemonade
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Best non-alcoholic ingredients to add to lemonade to make it extra-delicious?

So I've decided to have a special lemonade stand at my summer wedding, specifically for before the ceremony when guests are arriving but before the bar area opens (no alcohol can be served prior to ceremony according to my venue's rules.) The lemonade will be provided by the caterer in a glass dispenser, but it's up to me to provide add-ins that people can muddle into their glass as they desire. Here's what I've brainstormed so far:
--Berries (Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc)
--Lavender syrup
--Ginger syrup

Any other interesting ideas?

Bonus points if you can come up with a name for the lemonade stand that basically equates to "Pimp your lemonade."

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Basil syrup!
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It sounds weird but my friend puts fresh basil in hers and it is yummy.
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Make a simple syrup with lemon zest in it. Use this as your sugar.
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Fresh basil and fresh tarragon are great in lemonade. A splash of pomegranate juice can be fun.

"Lemonade Laboratory"?
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Tarragon. Rosemary. And maybe "Designer Lemonade," where the guest is the designer?
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You could garnish with pomegranate seeds or crystallized ginger.
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Seconding rosemary. You could make a simple syrup infused with it if you don't want spiky bits.
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Hibiscus syrup (buy dried hibiscus/flor de jamaica, cook in simple syrup for awhile, strain).
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Cinnamon syrup, it's simple syrup, except you steep pounded cinnamon sticks in the syrup for two hours.
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Matcha powder (green tea) is the only one I can come up with that has yet to be mentioned. Basil is awesome, be sure to have that.

If it were my wedding I'd have an extremely official looking sign (letterpress? calligraphy?) done up that reads "Honored Guests, Please Shmancify Your Lemonade".
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I like adding a dash of apple cider vinegar for added acidity. But then I get through about 1/4 pint of ACV every day, which I'm told is freakish and wrong.
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Fresh herbs are a fantastic addition to anything, in my opinion. Especially lemonade. Infused syrup is good. So is using white tea in place of the water.

Fancy ice cubes are good. Decorative ice cube trays are all over the internets. You can make your ice cubes out of pomegranate juice, or stud regular ice cubes with berries, mint sprigs, and whatnot.
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Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries don't actually add any flavor to the lemonade, though they look pretty.
Another idea would be to freeze them in ice cubes to add a bit of functionality. It's a summer wedding after all.
Also watermelon, peach and cut up strawberries would go well with lemonade.

Basil, rosemary, mint and lavender sound great.
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Basil and STRAWBERRIES. They go together so amazingly.
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I like to add Grenadine to my lemonade. Also, travelwithcats' blueberries in ice cubes is a cool idea.
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notsnot: "Make a simple syrup with lemon zest in it. Use this as your sugar"

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Indians do a lemonade as well that you'll find people serving at lots of types of events. You could have a small dish with a mixture of chaat masala, cumin, salt and pepper that people can stir into their drink. Add some mint for garnish. It's definitely not hot spicy, but rather salty with a kick and a change from various fruits. Amchur (mango) powder can also work in place of the chaat masala to give it a slightly fruitier taste.
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Blueberries may not add much flavor, but blueberry puree is fantastic. Strawberry puree is also recommended.

To do something really fun, make ice cubes out of different fruit purees. They make the lemonade look fun and add flavor as they melt.
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cucumber and mint!
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Is this "fizzy clear" lemonade or "non-fizzy lemonish opaque" lemonade?

Either way, elderflower cordial.
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The other night I drank lemonade with muddled strawberries and a spoonful of rhubarb jam. It was delicious :-)
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Holgate: It's non-fizzy lemonish opaque

Great suggestions everyone!! Keep them coming!
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Try the bumpy Asian lemons or Meyer lemons as well. Lavender is my favorite addition.
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Also I won't be able to make special ice cubes as that is the caterer's territory and they're not the most accommodating folks, sadly. But great concept next time I'm entertaining from home!
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I think pink peppercorns would be good.
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A cafe I visit often sells basil cucumber lemonade, although they don't make it sweet enough for my tastes. I've never tried to make it, but I can imagine it's tricky to balance the flavors correctly.
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nthing ginger, but with a dash of cayenne.
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Agree with the cayenne suggestion.
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The best lemonade I have ever had was cut with peach juice.
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Add iced tea to make an Arnold Palmer. It's simply iced tea + lemonade.
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I'll vote for basil or ginger, and caution you on the lavender: for some (like me), it's far too perfumey. Fancy ice cubes would be nice, too--you can freeze whole (round) slices of lemon or lime in muffin tins, or maybe some (edible) flowers. They're really pretty floating around in the punchbowl.

Mango lemonade is amazing, too, but I'm not sure how to do that best, and blending wedding-sized batches might be a bit awkward.
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Whoops, just read about the ice cubes. Oh well!
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Salt. Might sound strange, but fantastically refreshing.
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Add a dash of vanilla.

Really good. You'l never go back.
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2 parts ice cold, freshly squeezed orange juice with 1 part lemonade - simple but delicioius.
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Orange blossom water. (Bonus point - according to wikipedia orange flowers are a traditional 'bridal' flower.)
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Rosewater lemonaid is a traditional additive in Middle Eastern countries. A little bit goes a long way. Might make an interesting compliment to some of the other options here.
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So I came in here, dreaming of a lemonade that I made last summer and ready to tell you all about it. It had two added ingredients, and it was delicious.

The first ingredient was basil syrup. Which is the very first comment in here.

Oho, I thought! But no one will have suggested using basil with my second ingredient!

But then I saw that padraigin had already, in fact, said basil and strawberries.

So yeah, basil and strawberry lemonade. I am not as original as I thought. But really, seriously, you should try it. (Make basil syrup, make strawberry syrup, add either or both!)
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you can get elderflower syrup these days, and I think that might add a light floral overtone to lemonade that would be pretty different from the more pungent herbs being suggested here. great idea! I'd want to try small cups of all the variants! :)
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The name could be simple (maybe a chalkboard sign): When life gives you lemons. (...make lemonade).
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Alternatively you could have it set up like a cute little kid lemonade stand.
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cardamom lemonade!
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Definitely rosewater. That's a tasty combination.
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The comment above about lemonade that's too tart reminds me: have just plain simple syrup, too. I like my lemonade fairly sweet and if I didn't want to add flavor I would like to potentially sweeten it in another way.
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Mango lemonade is fantastic and to do you it you only need to puree up a schwack of mangoes. I do a bunch of mangoes, a bunch of fresh lemon juice and some simple syrup or fine berry sugar, whirrrrrrr in the blender, then keep in the fridge. Mix with fizzy water. Yum.
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Thyme is on your side.

Yes it is.
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Lime wedges. I love lime in a glass of lemonade. Of course, I also mix it with cranberry juice at times, as well.
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Also the juice from one orange makes a pitcher of lemonade delicious.
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"Upgrade My Lemonade"?
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"Lemon Party."

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There's a coffee shop near me that does herbes de Provence lemonade. I would never have guessed, but it is the tastiest thing.
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I love putting frozen cherries in my lemonade at home, but they get soggy and unsightly pretty quickly. Cherry puree or cherry syrup also works well, adds more flavor, and make a pretty tequila sunrise-type effect when it's added.

I discovered the use of maple syrup as a lemonade sweetener in an old church cookbook awhile back, and it's pretty amazing.
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(Oh, and I would totally call it the Lemonade Lab.)
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Passionfruit pulp could be good. Might be a little bit messy though..
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