Help my wife's soft lemonade addiction!
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My wife LOVES these "soft lemonade" treats, but we can't find them anywhere. The lemonade treat is like a cross between a frozen lemonade bar and a lemonade icee/frosty. It seems like they're only available at special events, maybe sports venues, county fairs, and such. Does anyone know of any other places to buy these? (I'm in Southern California if that helps).
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Why not use the "contact us" link on the page you linked to and email Minute Maid, asking them which stores in your area carry the product? I've done this once or twice with good results. They'll probably send you some coupons, too.
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You may also want to try to look for Chill Pouch Lemon. This is what's left of the Lemon Chill brand, which some may argue was responsible for popularizing this type of refreshment in the late 1990s. This bastardized version is all that is left of the original since it was acquired by FrozFruit, which later was bought out by Wells' Dairy.
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I've had these before. I don't live anywhere near you, but I think they came from Sam's Club. You might want to try them or another warehouse store, like Costco.
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Get an ice cream maker (we have this one, but there are less expensive models available that do the trick). Pour in lemonade, wait 15-20 minutes and presto, slushies! Also great with sodas, kool-aid, etc.
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Premium Ice Shaver + lemon (and a little orange) juice + sugar = goodness.
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Great idea on using the ice cream maker, SashaPT. However, DON'T USE diet soda or anything else sugar free. You'll kill your ice cream maker. The sugar in the soda/kool-aid is what keeps it slushy and not a frozen block of ice. Learn from my mistake....
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As a side note, ice cream makers are great for making terrific frozen beverages, like margaritas, bellinis, etc. It's so much better when you don't have to add liquor + flavoring to crushed ice. Basically we just put all the liquid ingredients (sans ice) into the ice cream maker. The biggest problem is that you can't make large quantities this way (we have 2 ice cream makers now).
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Trader Joe's has a similar one, or did during the summer. Not Minute Maid, I don't think.
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Your wife likes Italian Ice. I've had no trouble finding the Minute Maid tube variety, but Luigi's brand italian ice comes in lemon flavor, is easily available at supermarkets and the like, and is even better.
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edjusted, if your wife is ever, for any reason, in Rhode Island during the summer months, she must have a Del's frozen lemonade. (watch out for horrible flash with music at that link). It's really extraordinarily good.
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I remember Del's (lived in Warwick by Goddard Park), close to East Greenwich.

CostCo definitely has them...we have Raspberry ones in our freezer at home that we got from CostCo.
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i second the Del's lemonade suggestion. i was raised on it in rhode island.
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Wow, Del's. LOVED them during my years at Brown in Providence, except for the tiny bits of lemon rind. On the one hand, you knew they were made with real lemon. On the other hand... lemon rind.

Hmm... looking at Del's web site, it appears they may no longer be made with real lemons, but rather from a mix. How disillusioning.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, especially for the ice cream maker idea! And we'll give Italian Ice a try. Thanks!
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