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October 3

How can I use up these shandies?

I've got most of a summer shandy sampler box left over from the summer and I'd rather not drink them as-is. Could I use them as a basis in some sort of cocktail? If so, what can I make? [more inside]
posted by anderjen at 5:34 PM - 11 answers

Help me eat! Need recipes and meal ideas for a rather specialized diet

I cannot eat gluten, mammals, or more than 20 carbs (net) a day. I am looking for recipes and meal ideas primarily, but also good websites or books focused on recipes that might work for me. [more inside]
posted by congen at 11:33 AM - 10 answers

October 2

Off-the-beaten-track mason jar breakfasts?

I’ve done overnight oatmeal before and hate scrambled eggs. What other grab and go breakfasts can I make in a mason jar? [more inside]
posted by ficbot at 7:02 PM - 17 answers

Help me fill the processed meat “hole” in my breakfasts?

I gave up processed meats a long time ago because of the supposed cancer risks and am looking for healthy meaty protein substitutes. [more inside]
posted by whitelotus at 7:25 AM - 31 answers

October 1

Healthy ways to consume a lot of leftover bread?

Our neighbour has gifted us with two unwrapped loaves of bread. This is much more bread than we usually eat, especially now that I'm being more careful of my caloric intake. The only thing I can think of doing with it is slicing and freezing it for my occasional piece of toast. Can anyone think of a better use for it that doesn't entail eating a lot of empty calories?
posted by suetanvil at 4:15 PM - 20 answers

Baked meal-prep ideas

What are some ideas for weekly meal-prep lunches that take advantage of my sudden interest in baking (and my impulsive purchase of a stand mixer)? [more inside]
posted by thegreatfleecircus at 9:51 AM - 15 answers

September 30

Louise's Ravioli

When we lived in New England we enjoyed Louise's Ravioli. I think it was made in Revere, Mass. I can't find it on line. Can anyone give me a connection to this product?
posted by partner at 8:27 PM - 2 answers

Help Me Eat Things, Preferably Plants

Looking for vegetarian or meat-light casseroles or braised dishes, preferably also low in saturated fat and processed grains/flour. Annoying further considerations inside. [more inside]
posted by lazuli at 9:39 AM - 31 answers

September 29

I love "floury" potatoes. What kinds should I look for in North America?

While living in the UK I discovered that I love very floury potatoes. Kerr's Pink was one variety among many that was wonderfully easy to get at the local farmers market, but there was also usually a wide selection at supermarkets and greengrocers. Apparently the ubiquitous Russet is about as close as we can get in the US and it's only semi-floury. Are there any more floury potato varieties similar to Kerr's Pink grown in the US and if so, where could I find them in the NYC area? [more inside]
posted by theory at 11:42 AM - 10 answers

September 28

My potatoes have separation anxiety

If I'm roasting or pan-frying chunks of potato, when I go to turn them, the crispy browned bit on the bottom (the bit that's the whole point of roasting or frying potatoes!!) often sticks to the pan, and the rest of the potato chunk comes away without it. This happens in pyrex, aluminum, or cast iron, and it happens regardless of how generous I am with the oil. I can scrape the crispy stuff back up with a spatula, but I'd rather it stayed attached to the potato to begin with. What's the secret here?
posted by nebulawindphone at 11:43 AM - 29 answers

Copley Square/Green Line Eats

Where should we get dinner tomorrow night that's near/easy to get to from Copley Square? [more inside]
posted by damayanti at 11:34 AM - 11 answers

Chocolate dessert that makes you go wow

When we have a lot of guests for a fancy meal, we have two different showstopper chocolate desserts as our go-to's - a chocolate mousse pie, a flourless chocolate torte, and a Concorde. I'd love to add another to our repertoire. [more inside]
posted by Mchelly at 10:14 AM - 19 answers

Substitution for onions in fried or sauteed food

I've started cooking at home. I have an onion sensitivity (onions, even cooked, don't agree with me). What's a good substitute for onions in recipes like this where one of the instructions is to start by sauteeing an onion until golden brown? Am I safe just substituting/skipping to sauteeing garlic, or is there something else I should do? [more inside]
posted by pxe2000 at 6:26 AM - 18 answers

September 27

A Fair Way

What is best at Fairway supermarket? [more inside]
posted by colorblock sock at 4:53 PM - 11 answers

A cookie made from crushed cookies

I am looking for another recipe that I bookmarked and then lost. This one was a pretty standard sugar cookie recipe but after the first bake, you grind up the cookies into a powder. Then you mix that powder with butter and rebake the dough. Do you know of a similar recipe? [more inside]
posted by soelo at 8:07 AM - 8 answers

September 26

Okay, so my 3 year old wants to make dinner!?!?

I’ve been taking the kids (2 and 3) to the shop and then cooking dinner together. My 3 year old LOVES this. Our oven is broken and I’ve done mashed potatoes, quesadillas and pumpkin soup. What else is there? Oh! And books related to a dish would also be great. [more inside]
posted by catspajammies at 12:35 PM - 29 answers

Meatafilter! Suggest some meat and BBQ cookbooks

I'd like to increase my meat-preparing skills and tricks, both basic stuff (think crockpot/onepot meals/stew) and fancy (think sous vide). Additionally I'd like more interesting grilling ideas. I have all kinds of relevant equipment. What are some good cookbooks you've enjoyed? Website suggestions are OK too but I go to cookbooks first when meal planning.
posted by twoplussix at 8:15 AM - 11 answers

Hack my beef barley soup

I love beef barley soup. I find though, that it takes a long time to make. Help me with your recipe hacks and improvements. Fall is here, it’s soup time! My current version below the fold. [more inside]
posted by walkinginsunshine at 8:12 AM - 22 answers

September 25

Searching for an old herbal tea recipe

Thirty-odd years ago, a friend in SW Michigan gave me a bag of "Tea To Allay Madness," aka "King Charles' Water." I've lost track of both friend and recipe, and google is no help. Ingredients that I remember were comfrey and chamomile, rose hips, perhaps orange rind and cinnamon. Does this ring a bell with any herbal tea-lovers? Thanks!
posted by 2soxy4mypuppet at 2:22 PM - 4 answers

Cocktail mixers for infused booze?

I made several different infused alcohols for a party a friend is throwing this weekend. Help me turn them into simple and great cocktails? [more inside]
posted by centrifugal at 1:18 PM - 14 answers

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