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Looking for recommendations for a two person tent that is similar to North Face's Peregrine, which is no longer made.

I went camping recently and borrowed a co-worker's Peregrine tent, which was great. It looks like North Face no longer makes this model, so I'd like something as close to it as possible. I think it's a hammerhead style, if that helps at all. Asking anon because it is a potential gift for a fellow MeFite.
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Most tents nowadays have the vestibules built as part of the rainfly: Mountain Hardware or Marmot are typical examples. I have the Marmot tent which is pretty nice, the color notwithstanding.
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How about the REI Arete ASL2?
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I cant recommend that exact Marmot but I have an older Marmot and love it.
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Latecomer here. It's hard to tell if this is going to hit the mark because I don't know exactly what you liked about the Peregrine. But my girlfriend and I have a two-person Tadpole 23 which we love. Lightweight, a snap to set up, and a good size for a couple--it's more than enough room for us and we're both within 3 inches of 6' (me above, she below). It may be too tight if you're thinking of platonic camping, but that's probably the case with most two-person tents out there.

(If you liked the "hammerhead" design for the vestibule, the one in the Tadpole is nice and roomy.)
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