Rubber Butterfly Knife that Works?
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Is there such a thing as a rubber balisong or butterfly knife? What I'm wanting is a balisong that has the approximate heft expected, so it can be tricked with a bit, just without all of the potential for profuse bleeding.

By rubber, I mean like this.
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The do sell metal practice blades.
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You could potentially just buy a cheap balisong and dull the blade with a file. Likewise you could protect yourself by putting thick tape on the blade or even coating it in this stuff, though care would have to be taken to insure that it still folds properly.
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Spyderco makes this pen that I've read is a bit lighter than a true balisong but apparently satisfying to play with. And you can write with it and stuff.
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(sorry, it looks like they haven't quite got the product out yet. I guess the people I read must have been playing with prototypes or something...)
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Response by poster: re: Metal blades.

Seen those, but there's a couple of issues there. For one thing, good ones appear to be in the $120 range. For a very important another, I'm wanting to put these for stage combat. Rubber, if it is available, mitigates risk far more than metal.
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Another possibility, cheap, not rubber but it looks pretty harmless. If you Google "balisong trainer" there are many cheap alternatives.
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Don't know of any rubber balis but you could just tape the blade.
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back in the home country, we always used single-edged knives for all of our flipping practice. basically take the handle that the flat part of the blade closes into, and use that as your primary grip so you don't have to worry about the sharp edge closing in on your knuckles.
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oh, sorry, didn't see the follow-on comment regarding usage for stage combat. In this case, seconding nanojath's Ronin Gear suggestion.
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Buy a cheapie one from Chinatown and blunt the blade yourself?
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back in the home country

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