Tips for the NC bar exam.
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Tips for the NC Bar exam?

Asking for a friend:
I am an attorney currently admitted to the NY bar, and taking the NC bar in three days. I took BarBri for the NY bar, but studied on my own for the NC bar. One of the most helpful things about BarBri was the "tips and techniques" for the bar exam - such as areas of law frequently tested, or stylistic techniques for answering the essay questions. Can anyone tell me what the frequently tested areas are (such as Miranda violations or Rule Against Perpetuities, etc.)? I have been looking over essays from prior exams, and I have been shocked by the minutiae of some of the areas tested.
Also, I am curious as to how the essays are scored and how points are awarded. For example, in NY, the essays are scored on a 1-10 scale, with 1/3 points awarded for each issue spotted or statement of law that is included in the answer. A "5" is considered a "passing score" and a 7, 8, or 9 are considered above average answers and are infrequently awarded.
I have been told that the NC exam is easier than the NY exam. Has anyone found this to be true? Why or why not?
If you are a recent NC bar-taker, I would appreciate you sharing the tips and/or strategies you used that you found to be helpful. Thanks!
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