Help me get into Moebius.
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Help me get into Moebius.

I've always been impressed by Moebius's artwork and would love to read more of his stuff, but I am uncertain as what to buy. He has a lot of collections and one-off items.

Can someone recommend what is considered his best stuff? I'm not interesting in getting everything he has done, but I'd wouldnt mind seeing his best few works. English only please.
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Icaro is lovely, but I haven't read anything else.
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My number one recommendation would be the original series of The Incal series, with art by Moebius and writing by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It's sort of a surrealistic science fiction adventure story and is totally awesome. The originals were translated and released in two volumes, entitled The Incal: The Epic Conspiracy and The Incal: The Epic Journey, which you can probably find on eBay. There are also sequels and prequels, but Moebius didn't do the art on those.

If you're into Marvel Comics stuff, you can also check out the Moebius take on the Silver Surfer, which is entitled Silver Surfer: Parable and is currently selling on Amazon in a trade paperback edition for about 12 dollars.

Other particularly well-known Moebius works include Arzach, a wordless fantasy piece (although there was an eventual novel based on the character), Blueberry, an old-fashioned western, and The Airtight Garage, a science fiction adventure sort of thing based on Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius character.
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Sadly, his work is extraordinarily difficult to get in English nowadays- even scans are hard to come by. The one book I've seen of his in bookstores is a Dark Horse paperback called HP's Rock City, a sort of best-of collection of his short pieces. It's out of print, but not nearly as hard to find as their printing of Arzach from around the same time, and crops up in Half-Price Books and the like every now and again.
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Thanks! I found Arzach, Incal, and HP's Rock City at non-collector's prices by searching ebay, amazon, and abebooks.
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My favorite Moebius is Airtight Garage (and its sequel Man From Ciguri).

You can usually find the 4 part comic book mini-series version that Marvel put out, but I would try to find the old EPIC trade paperbacks. There's 10 of the I think (0 - 9), and cover most of his fantasy work. They are superior to the later Dark Horse reissues which are much, much smaller (like half the size, which sometimes clutters the pages), and incompletely collected. There is a great erotic book they put out called Madwoman of the Sacred Heart (serialized in Dark Horse Presents), though.

Anyone know what happened to the second half of Man From Ciguri? The Dark Horse book ends abruptly, and I was able to continue reading it in B&W in Moebius comics, but then that seemed to stop coming out.

I have a bunch of CBRs and PDFs I got from torrent sites, if you want them, but they're mostly French it looks like.
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