What Latin text should I tranlate?
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What's a good text to translate to get my increasingly rusty Latin back into shape?

So you know where I stand, or at least once stood: I have read, in substantial part, the Aeneid and the Georgics, a good selection of Horace's odes and Catullus' poems, and excerpts from de Bello Civili and some letters by Cicero (both from the textbook Finis Rei Publicae). The last of those, the Georgics, was two and a half years ago, and it hasn't really been exercised since then (though at the time I could translate it at a pretty good rate). I don't really want to repeat what I've already read.
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Pro Caelio, Cicero's defense of Marcus Caelius Rufus. It's not too hard, my Latin III class translated most of it last year, and Cicero's a little bit amusing at some points.
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Catalogs like Signals and A Common Reader often carry Latin translations of quirky modern books (Winnie the Pooh, The Giving Tree, Harry Potter), so I'd suggest maybe getting on their mailing lists. Also, be sure to check out the Listmania Lists on the Amazon pages linked above.
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Loeb Classical Library editions are available online, at your library, can be paged through at your local B&N or better used bookstore. Browsing through them casually in person might be a good way to sense what level of difficulty you're actually looking for.
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Marcus Aurelius' Meditations?
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