Cubs fan gift ideas under $100
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Best Cubs gift for my boss under $100

Help me find the best, coolest gift for my Cubs-fan boss. Points for something he can display in his office.

It cannot be over $100 and I'd prefer no shipping hassles (large artwork or posters probably won't work). Thanks!
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Some awesome things on Try searching on "Chicago Cubs" or "Wrigley Field."

I love this Wrigley chalkboard, but there are also plenty of prints, etc.
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Find out his favorite player, then buy that guy's rookie card. Frame it. As long as it's not Ernie Banks it should cost you less than $100. God, I hope my Cardinal's fan girlfriend doesn't see me helping you.
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Go to and have the front page story reprinted and framed from 1908, when the Cubs won the World Series.

There looks like there is a membership fee for If you're interested maybe you could find it someplace else, or maybe they have a free trial membership.
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how about a jersey?
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Have a pottery person make them a custom Cubs beer stein.
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As a Cubs fan I can assure you that this is the perfect gift.
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My Cubs fan has Wrigley Field Brick.
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A throwback cap from the Cooperstown Ballcap Co.? The 1914 Orphan cap is awesome looking.
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