inline skating: fastest bearings, most durable wheels?
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inline skating: fastest bearings, most durable wheels?

I skate pretty aggressively on the streets and i usually wear out my wheels pretty fast. I don't remember what type of wheels ive had (grizzly?), but they were the hardest i could find at the time. I currently have Mach3 bearings, which are good, but I know there are better ones out there since people have passed me on downhill stretches that are equal in size to me.

Also, I'm looking to order if i have to, but would rather just pick up the goods in a store in Vancouver BC- i forget if i can fit 80mm wheels or if i have to stick with 76mm. Anyone know of a shop? Preferably one that sells aggressive skates as i find they stock good parts. I have a hybrid aggressive/street, made more for speed, jumps and durability, not rail slides.. the rail slides are a bit too crazy for me...
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I don't know the shops in Vancouver, but I have had very good experience ordering from Inline Warehouse, and they definitely have the aggressive supplies.
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Fastest bearings out there are the 608 Swiss Bones Ceramic Bearings. Any of the Bones Swiss are really fast.
Inline Warehouse is where I would go too.

I dunno about the wheels as I am an indoor hockey player but Labedas are pretty good and I saw they make the Labeda Asphalt Wheel.
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Fastest bearings on planet Earth: 608 Bones Swiss Ceramics.

Strongest, most durable inline wheels on planet Earth: Cozmos.

That is all.
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