Hiking in upstate New York
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A friend of mine (in Rochester, NY) and I (in Ithaca) are thinking of going hiking together. Any suggestions for good sites for an easygoing day hike roughly halfway between us, as the car drives?
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Have you been to Letchworth State Park?
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Letchworth is going to be a pretty long drive for your friend in Ithaca. If one of you is going to drive that far then I think you should go to Ithaca or the surrounding area where there are lots of very scenic and interesting trails to hike.

You may also want to consider checking out the Finger Lakes Trail. The Bristol Hills branch might interesting and convenient for both of you.

I don't have a link, but there may be some good hiking along the Erie canal and it would probably be pretty easy for both of you to get to.
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Me again. I haven't tried it, but perhaps the Old Erie Canal Trail between Dewitt and Rome?
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Unfortunately most of the interesting stuff is either much closer to Ithaca than Rochester, or quite a ways west of Ithaca past Keuka Lake. I agree Letchworth (while pretty cool) is a bit far for a day trip from Ithaca.

There's the Sonneburg Gardens near Canadauga, though it charges admission and would be more of a scenic stroll than a hike-hike. There's also the glen in Watkins Glen, which is a cool hike, though might be a little longer drive from Rochester than Ithaca.
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letchwork state park is awesome. A bike trail goes from RIT to the city and abt 3 hrs in bike.Pretty amazing views
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Check out Finger Lakes National Forest. There are many trails and a handful of decent swimming holes. It's a bit closer to Ithaca, but it gets bonus points for being near wine trails as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
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