Can I get a French toy, yo?
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Where can I buy a toy on the internet that speaks/sings in French? This is for a toddler.

I am a total noob at toy-buying. Toys R Us seems to have a limited stock of French toys. I found Tickle Me Elmo in French and a talking remote control. These are OK, but there must be more out there. I mean, this is the Internet and the age of global commerce, right?

I don't need these exact kinds of toys but here's the general style that I'm imagining. I'm thinking of something interactive with colored buttons that says the colors when you press them, or something that has letter buttons and will say the letters in French, or even something with cartoon/Sesame-Street-style characters/farm animals where they sing or identify themselves or say a sentence in French. (They don't have to be American characters BTW.)

I'm not looking for any CDs.

I would order from the US, Canada, France, the DOM-TOMs, or anywhere else.

I can speak/read some French so if there is a French-only website you know of, that is OK too.

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I am 99% all the LeapFrog and similar toys have a French setting. I did a Google Product search "toy interactive French" and a ton of things came up.
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Your best bet is to buy it at zellers. it's a canadian store.
They have a lot of french electronic toys.
I have no clue whether or not they ship out of the country, if at all.
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Zellers is a great option but they do not deliver outside of Canada and your profile says you're in the US. I think the idea of ordering from a Canadian company is a good one as French-language toys are the norm here; we've just got to find one that ships to the US. I'll look into that and report back in a bit.
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Ah ha! Mastermind Toys has a French section. They're based in the Greater Toronto Area and they ship to the US. I think they'll have exactly what you need.
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(Here's a page confirming they ship to the US)
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Best answer: Okay, one more comment. Don't limit yourself to the French section on Mastermind's website -- most every section has some French toys. Here's the Electronic Baby Toys page; some (but not all) of those toys come in French versions.
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