AMF Alcort Puffer Trailer
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I'm getting a free sailboat, but it needs a trailer. The sailboat is a 70's era AMF Alcort Puffer. I'm wondering what type of trailer I need. I'm also hoping that the boat isn't so old that I won't be able to get a trailer for it.

My grandparents are selling their house, and my Grandfather offered to give me his sailboat. I've got to transport it from the Twin Cities to Iowa City, so I am assuming I'll need a trailer. The boat is 12.5 feet long. It also carries some great memories sailing with my Grandpa, so I'd really like to make this work.

My questions: Do I need a special trailer, since it is a sailboat? Can I even find a trailer for a boat this old? I used to sail when I was in high school, but I never had to transport the boat. How much should I expect to spend on the trailer?
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A trailer is going to make your life alot easier.You might ask these guys.
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You can buy a cheap trailer and a boat kit to go with the trailer (around here, you'd pay about $750) and then you can use 2x4s to adjust the fit to your specific boat. You'll want to pad the contact surfaces to prevent scuffing; carpet samples are the traditional method for that.
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