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Best non-alcoholic social events in Houston?

I'm looking to ease back into the dating scene and I've looked a bit on sites like Houston Press for some social events. I'm going to be 22 next month, so places that are 21 and up aren't an issue. The only real issue is alcohol, since I'm on anti-depressants and can't have much (technically "any") alcohol. Now I come to in hopes that my fellow Houstonian MeFites will point me in the right direction so that I can get a chance to meet new people without going to a hyped up club, trashy bar, political rallies, car shows, etc.

Thanks for any help,

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How 'bout coffee shops? Brasil immediately comes to mind as a place to meet people or take someone on a date that doesn't require the consumption of alcohol (they do serve beer and wine though).
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Beer may be on sale at Houston Comets games, but lots of WNBA fans don't drink. Saturday at 7:30 p.m. the Comets take on the Indiana Fever.
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...hyped up club, trashy bar, political rallies, car shows, etc.

Just to clarify, I don't really understand what this "etc." is meant to encapsulate. Political rallies and car shows don't immediately come to mind as alcohol-based events, so I'm not sure what activities to immediately exclude from recommendation. Are you looking for events that specifically prohibit alcohol?

Art shows usually have open-minded sociable folks -- and wine. Bunch of galleries in Montrose. University guest lectures don't often have booze - though sometimes at a reception afterwards. There are lots of free student recitals and performances worth listening to at Rice and UH.

Picking up women at AA meetings is generally frowned upon, but not unheard of. :)
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Maybe check out the Steel Lounge at the Contemporary Arts Museum on the last Friday of every month. If I remember correctly there's no cover charge, fun d.j.'s, but not super loud. You can chat people up about the latest show going on and everyone's drinking sodas as well as some simple mixed drinks. No one is going to question you not having a cocktail in you hand there.

I've always found the events at the Aurora Picture Show easy to talk with strangers before and after screenings.

Next to Brasil, Domy Books sometimes has events in the back. I'd add Antidote to my coffee house list.

If you're a reader looking for other readers you might look into Inprint, the Brown Reading Series (in the Fall), or Brazos.

A female friend has had some fun with Meet in Houston - she met some nice people through that group. Another friend, male, joined a Spanish conversation group and a social dance class and met some nice people that way. Maybe look into events at Discovery Green downtown too. I'm heading over there in just a bit actually. Have fun and don't get discouraged if people are less than friendly at times - that's their baggage - if you're open you'll meet some nice folks. Good luck!
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If you keep your ear to the ground there are always events going on at one of the various art museums in town.

Buy a MFAH membership (it's surprisingly cheap and there are members only events that are pretty enjoyable and have free snacks and drinks). Also recommended are MFAH's Mixed Media summer concert/art events. They're sponsored by Starbucks, so instead of spending a lot of money on drinks you can stand around drinking free Frappuccinos.

For a possibly "hipper" but smaller crowd, keep an eye on the Contemporary Art Museum. They have been doing DJed gallery parties once a month (which they call Steel Lounge Underground) that have been a lot of fun. They also have the benefit of being free. I think there's one tonight! Alcohol is sold, but no one's forcing you to buy any and you won't look out of place without a drink in your hand.

Also, you might want to reconsider the no-bars rule. There are a lot of fun bar-type places in town where no one would look at you cockeyed for drinking a Jack and Coke hold the Jack.
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Oops, point goes to Dog Food Sugar for beating me to the Steel Lounge suggestion.
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There's a fairly diverse array of activities promoted through
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Also, check out Leisure Learning. They offer a lot of casual classes in all sorts of areas, and I think that the hidden subtext is that it's also a good way to meet people of the opposite sex who have similar interests.
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