Good used bikes in NYC?
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Where can I find good used bikes in NYC?

My girlfriend lives in DC, comes to visit me in NYC a fair bit. We'd like to start biking together in the city ... she's looking for a used/good enough bike to keep up here for her use on the weekends. Price range tops out around 400 bucks or so. She doesn't need the fastest thing on 2 wheels, just something to use to get around and have some fun with this summer.

Barring the "dude on the corner" approach which is just karmically a bad idea, do you guys have any suggestions?
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I got my used bike at Recycle a Bicycle. A good cause as well as a used bike shop. Their stock is constantly in flux as people bring stuff in to donate. I got a road bike that I love for $450, but I'm sure you could find something in your price range. They do give a guarantee on bikes that you buy there, so you can bring it back within a certain period of time for free repairs (a month, maybe?) if there are problems. I definitely recommend checking them out (one location on the LES and one in Brooklyn).
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I was at the Recycle a Bicycle location on the LES a few weeks back and they had basically no bikes in stock, save a pair of folders. I was told that Saturday before 5 is the time to go, it's when they get the most donations or something like that. No idea if the Brooklyn one has more stock.
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Craigslist is the usual source for used bikes, at least in Chicago. I imagine NYC is similar.
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craigslist or a thrift shop, sometimes salvation army has a few bikes laying arnd that can be repaired
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CL, or there's a guy on 6th St between 2nd and 1st (I think. Might be 1st and A) who rebuilds bikes and sells them. He'll build basically whatever you want for cheap.
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Also, if you are feeling hardcore about it, you can go by the 321 Community Space in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, (321 Thompkins) and build your own bike with help from some freegans. It will be cheap or free.

But seriously be careful in Bed-Stuy after dark.
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There's also the Hub Station, on Morton Street in the West Village. Recycle A Bicycle has a shop in Dumbo, too.

Craigslist, in my experience, is highly variable, so finding a suitable rig for your GF could take some digging. $400 does put you in the low end of prices for new bikes. Check out Bicycle Habitat, on Lafayette Street in the LoLita/SoHo area.
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