Help find antique dealer in SoCal for vintage guitar
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Help me find an antique dealer/auction house in the Southern California area that specializes in vintage musical instruments and/or country music memorabilia.

My mom had tickets to the Antiques Roadshow taping in Palm Springs last weekend, so I had her take along my grandma’s National steel guitar. The guitar once belonged to Stuart Hamblen, and has been in our family since my great-grandpa bought it in a pawn shop in the 30’s. It’s a beautiful guitar, lots of engraving and inlay work, but it’s gotten a little beat up over the years as a plaything for kids and grandkids. I never thought it would be worth a lot of money, but the appraisal came in at $25-$35K so I think I’d like to sell it and pay off some bills.

Does anyone here have experience with antique dealers or auction houses specializing in this kind of instrument, preferably in the greater L.A. area? I’d also appreciate any advice you could give on what to expect with this type of sale: what’s the normal process, what kind of fees might I expect to pay, how much tax will I be liable for, etc.
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Don't know about LA ( I used to work for Guitar Center, and I'll advise against them), but Elderly Instrument in Michigan, and Mandolin Brothers in NYC deal with those types of treasures every day.
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