Where can I watch Eurovision in Bergen, Norway?
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Where can a Brit who happens to be in Bergen, Norway on Saturday 24th May watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

I know that the good people of Norway take the whole thing about as seriously as those of us in the UK (i.e. not at all) but since I am going to be there on Eurovision night I can't pass up the opportunity to see first hand how it all goes down in another part of Europe. It won't be the same without Wogan but I'm sure that his Norwegian counterpart will more than suffice.

What are my chances of finding a bar that will be showing it? Any suggestions for a venue? If so, how could I enhance my evening by ingratiating myself with any interested locals?
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Since it seems both Festspillene and Nattjazz are happening around/on the 24th, I'm not too sure there will be any bars showing it. I looked at the What's Happening pages of one of the local papers and so far no mention of MGP (Melodi Grand Prix as it's so delightfully called here) at all.

I'm not a Eurovision fan so I don't really know if there is a tradition here for bars showing it, but I suspect that anyone who takes it seriously (or not) enough to watch is probably watching it from home.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I'll poke around a bit more and see if I can't dig up something more useful.
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Ok, turns out there is a Norwegian chapter of a Eurovision(?) fan club, and according to them there is going to be a screening on two big screens at 18:00 in the lobby bar of the Rica Oslo Hotel. Which is awesome apart from the bit about being in Oslo. So far I can't find any mention of any type of stuff going on in Bergen at all, and I'd think they would be the people in the know.

So, if you read Norwegian I suggest you keep an eye on that page, and if you don't just MeFi mail me closer to the 24th and I'll check the page for you to see if any goings on in Bergen have been added.
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