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I remember hearing a great quote from a chemist along the lines of: "Petrochemicals have so many uses it seems a shame to use them for fuel." Trying several variations of this on google has turned up bupkiss. Does it sound familiar to anyone?
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Did he/she say "But if it is true that domestic petroleum production is being discouraged, directly or indirectly, we'll be in trouble, since petrochemicals have so many other uses in a technilogically advanced society than simply burning them up?"
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Thanks, iconomy, but I don't think that's it. My memory is insisting it was more aphoristic, and less in the context of a specific discussion.
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There was a Stainless Steel Rat story where the hero ended up back on near-modern Earth, and was amazed to find we were burning something as valuable as hydrocarbons....
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Well, it is true. Petroleum is currently the only economically feasible raw material for making most kinds of plastics. (Although I've just started seeing commercial plastics made from corn byproducts pop up in a few places.)

Generally speaking, it's >hard< to recycle plastics into other plastics at a chemical/molecular>
See "Cradle to Cradle":
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I had a professor in college that made the same point about petroleum.
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