Free crosswords for small newsletters?
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I'm putting together a company newsletter and am looking for freely licensed and printable crossword and sudoku puzzles that I could put in the newsletter.

I've seen plenty of links here and elsewhere to good web-based crosswords and even crossword generation software, but I'm looking for something freely available to use (my budget on this is $0), printable (or even better, something I can copy&paste so I can drop it right in my publishing software), and premade (I don't want to spend valuable time working these things up, and the thought of a company-themed crossword makes me cringe). Any leads or ideas? Also, the same but for Sudoku?
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The first link on google for "sudoku generator" is this. It outputs PDFs, that should be perfect for you.
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I have used in the past to create printable crossword puzzles.
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Sudoku by Gaby Vanhegan (who is/was a mefi member) supports free syndication, although the link currently 404s. You can contact him onthis page.
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BrainBashers offers free Sudoku. I'm a fan :)
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