Who's the "best" sportswriter working today?
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I need to expand my horizons. In your opinion, who's the best sportswriter working today?
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Who do you read now? What sports are you looking for? What nationality?
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for comic sports writing, try Steven wells.

You might want to check out a similar discussion over on Sportsfilter.
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Gregg Easterbrook. He's probably among my favorite writers and his football columns are insightful, smart and funny.
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Response by poster: Currently read the Globe in Boston & the Philly writers. And I'm more interested in the quality of the writing than the specific sport -- a good writer will make anything interesting.
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'Paper Lion' from George Plimpton? (from 'The New Journalism', T. WOlfe): "By living, training and scrimmaging with the Detroit Lions, Plimpton was able to get the athletes to tell him the sort of things they had never divulged to sports writers of the ordinary sort." Warning: it dates from 1966.
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Bill Simmons. Given that he's on ESPN.com's Page 2, he's a bit chattier and intentionally funnier than most sportswriters.

Plus if you're from Boston, he's quite biased towards us and make no apologies for it. He started out on a tiny site here.
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(Simmons seconded--though I wish he were allowed to tell the truth about his ESPN colleagues.)
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Simmons thirded. I, too, wish he could tell us what he really thinks about Dick Vitale.
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I like Gary Smith of Sports Illustrated. Writes great profiles.
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I like Thomas Boswell for golf and baseball.
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I'll fourth the Sports Guy (Simmons), as his mixture of sports and pop culture are damn funny. I recommend Gregg Easterbrook as well. His Tuesday Morning Quarterback during the NFL season is a must read. Be prepared to have 20 minutes or so set aside, as it's a LONG read. Another NFL writer worth his salt is Peter King of Sports Illustrated. His Monday Morning Quarterback columns are very informative.
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