How organic is Natural American Spirit tobacco?
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How organic is Natural American Spirit tobacco?

I sometimes like to smoke pipe tobacco, but i am interested in something free of the nasties (paradoxical talking about tobacco? i think not).

Natural American Spirit tobacco claims to be "100% additive-free tobacco", but it is since 2002 owned by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which also owns Camel, Kool, Winston, Salem, Doral, Eclipse, Export A and Pall Mall.

So how natural could the Natural American Spirit tobacco be? Wikipedia says "There is a lot of controversy surrounding this brand, both for its use of a 'native american' logo, and for its claims to be natural."

Are there any alternatives?
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Well, I know for sure that at least in the pre-made cigarette realm here in the US, American Spirit offers a style that's "made with 100% organic tobacco", so presumably any of the other varieties are not. Of course looking at that language a little bit more, the "made with" part says to me that there is probably some 100% organic tobacco in there, but that not all of it is.
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Grow your own.
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I think it means that American Spirit doesn't add any of these additives.
An lengthy list of additives.

American Spirit may be just tobacco, if you put it down, it will go out on its own as opposed to other brands which have accelerants to keep 'em burning.

I find it a satisfying smoke. Only smoke them now, previously I'd smoke a large [25] pack a day. Smoking AS [20], less than a pack. The yellow pack's are milder, the blue are stronger.
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Organic growers program promo video
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Their website states that they have "one roll-your-own tobacco style made with 100% certified organic tobacco." So I agree with Stewriffic's suggestion that certified organic tobacco is only a component of their other smoking products.

Other certified organic loose tobacco.
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The Winston branding has the same "Additive Free" on the box, and in at least some states (like CA), laws have been put into place to remove the "keep burning" part... CA cigs will go out if you're not smoking them (fire hazard thing).
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