Help me score tickets for the NCAA tourney
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Here is the situation. I live near DC and would like to attend the Purdue - Baylor game, which is the 2nd game of session 1 on Thursday afternoon. Given that none of the 4 schools involved (Purdue - Baylor - Xavier - Georgia) are from the DC area, and none of them inspire particularly national followings, do you think I can score a good deal by waiting until after game 1 starts and working the ticket resellers loitering around the Verizon Center? I seem to recall watching plenty of first round games on TV where the arena was not even close to full because the teams were not local. I can buy on Ebay for close to face value, but if odds are good that I can save $100 on a pair of tickets by waiting until the last possible second, I'll take the risk. After all it's just a basketball game. Looking for input from anybody that might have attended early round games under similar circumstances in recent years.
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Depends if you have scalped before. Obviously, start low and it helps if you want 2 tickets. Look for regular fans who are walking into the arena with their tickets held out.

You can easily get lower than face tickets if you wait after tipoff. But near face on ebay is pretty sure bet too. Good luck. I would be there watching WVU-Zona but I'll be in Vegas.
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You have a good shot. Make up a quick "need tickets" sign, hold it out as you walk toward the area, and people will come to you. You often can get face value tickets from regular folks who had someone drop out at the last second or whatever. Don't let the scalpers take you for more than face value - few people here want to watch Purdue vs. Baylor.

Don't forget to bring cash in a bunch of denominations.
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Forgot to add: I do this myself every time the tournament comes to the DC area.
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1st and 2nd round tickets are typically sold as a package (at least to the general public). So chances are good that there will be a lot of tickets available for that 2nd game IF the 1st game does not include any locals or big name teams. I'd take pandamom's advice, and arrive early before you go the scalper route.
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