What does the creator of a curated travel experience charge?
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What is a reasonable fee for organizing and hosting an Elderhostel/ Road Scholar program?

My husband and I have been approached by the local branch of Road Scholar about curating a four day program for travelers based on original research (bus tours, writing and lectures) that we've developed. We've been asked to submit a bid for this service, and while we have some idea of what we'd like to get for ourselves and our staff, we don't have any sense of what industry standard is for what we'd be providing.

Comparable 4-day programs cost $1100-1400 per person (double occupancy, +$300 for singles) including meals and lodging. Our maximum number of travelers would be 50, but conceivably the program could run with half that many people.

In addition to creating the overarching theme of the program we would be on call daily and into the evening for bus tours and lectures, develop hand outs, provide marketing copy and imagery, arrange itineraries and special visits, and select guest lecturers, films and musicians.

If anyone reading this has any insight into what an appropriate fee would be for such a program, and if it ought to begin with a base rate and slide up should it reach capacity, please advise. It would be nice to know if we're even in the ballpark before we start swinging, y'know?
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