I hate naming!
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I am involved in branding a "company" that has a casino, theater and hotel as part of its assets. Part of the brand development is naming. The company is located in Northern New Mexico (Espanola – which, I've been informed is a leading provide of Black tar heroin!). Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations for reference books or even novels that focus on that area/culture and might spark some inspiration for names. The "company" is actually a Native American tribe or Pubelo that is known for its Black pottery.
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This site lists a few books about the Pueblo (and has pages of folklore, placenames, etc).
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Black Mesa (the real-life one, not the Half-Life one) is in that area, isn't it? Seems like you could do something with that.
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You could tie in with Camel Rock (a natural rock outcropping that kind of looks like a camel that is in between Santa Fe and Espanola) and go with the direct spanish translation of dark camel, "Oscuro de Camellos". This already sounds a lot classier than the Ohkay Casino and the Buffalo Thunder Casino that are in the area.
If nothing else read up on the Santa Clara and San Idelfonso Pueblos and see if any particular name or phrase jumps out at you.
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Isn't that where they have the lowriders?
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Fire in the Mind: Science, Faith, and the Search for Order, by George Johnson, is a really interesting book that juxtaposes the lives and rituals of the San Ildefonso Americans with the scientific work at Los Alamos National Lab. He’s a former editor of The New York Times.

D.H. Lawrence lived around Taos in the early- to mid-1920s and some of his stories reflect the northern New Mexico landscape.
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