Where to stargaze around Austin?
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Where's a good spot to go stargazing around Austin (naked eye or with telescope in tow)? I noticed the AAS has a dark sky spot at Canyon of the Eagles, so places other than that. Preferably safe places that won't get me arrested.
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Mansfield Dam? It's a lot closer.
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enchanted rock
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This is probably obvious, but the sky will be darker faster to the east or west, as there's nonstop population north and south for some distance.
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Mt. Bonnell-- might be the typical romantic spot in in teenage Austin. Doesn't mean it's not a greak place to look at the sky. technically a park, but that doesn't stop anybody from going late at night (and there are very rarely any cops in that area, because it's in the northwest upperclass part).
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Great place. Also probably a great Greek place, too.
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I have had multiple friends get busted for breaching the curfew at Mount Bonnell, so I personally do not recommend that. Also, there will be a lot of light pollution so it might not be the best for serious stargazing. You also might not feel like lugging a telescope up one hundred steps.
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Elgin. You should be able to find a parking lot you could set up in, and there will be very little light pollution out there. About a 30 minute drive.
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Wild Basin off of Hwy 360?
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