I'd Wager that A Lot of Money Was Bet on March Madness
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Sports Betting Filter: How can I determine approximately how much money was bet on the NCAA (men's basketball) tournament last year and where that ranks on the most gambled-upon sporting events of the year?

I'm doing an article on the NCAA tournament and one of the angles I want to use is the amount of time and money people devote to it.
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Are you talking only legalized Vegas betting, or are you talking about all betting, including office pools?
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Response by poster: Legalized Vegas betting is fine. Any stat, really.
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Best answer: Quick and dirty figure ($85M) from 2006 from a Las Vegas Review Journal article reprinted here. Other RJ articles take gaming stats from this firm.
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Here are last year's numbers from the Nevada Gaming Control Board via the Las Vegas Sun.
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