What DDR song is this?
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I am trying to figure out which Playstation 2 version of Dance Dance Revolution has this song with this backdrop.

There are these white bunnies that jump out at you on-beat at one point. In other parts of the song, there are rams with candy cane horns. This is about the best I can describe since most of my concentration is directed towards the scrolling arrows. :)

Can anyone remind me where this song is?
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I have many different versions, but like you don't always pay attention to the background. If you can narrow it down some, I can try and find time to check. Do you know what the genre of music is, or how fast the beat is?
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Large-scale commercial video-game sites like GameSpot and IGN have galleries filled with screenshots. If nobody knows off the top of their head, it might be worth browsing them.
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The song is electronic... wait... now I'm remembering. The beginning and end of the song have a old-style (80's?) arcade game theme playing. It looks like an arcade game on the screen as well. Does that help.

I'll also try looking at video game sites. Thanks!
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The song might be Burning Heat (based on your arcade game description).
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Correction: it's almost certainly Twin Bee (Generation X)
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Yep, that's the one. Thanks very much! :)
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