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productreviewfilter: I am considering buying the Sony Bluetooth Wirleless Transmitter for iPod along with the Sony DRBT21G/B Stereo Bluetooth Headset for a birthday gift for a friend who runs on a treadmill most of the time, outside sometimes. Have you used these? is there a better combo that might be preferred by a runner? Thank you in advance!
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I haven't used any of the Sony Bluetooth equipment, but I did just go through this last week. I ended up going with Jabra over Sony and picked up the Jabra a125s iPod Bluetooth transmitter to use with my existing Jabra BT8010 stereo headset. I've been using it at the gym for a few days and enjoying it, but I haven't tried it outside yet.

I've also heard good things about the Jabra BT620s but I haven't used it, but it does look like it would be a little less dorky.
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thank you aranyx, the reviews for the transmitter say it doesnt lock to the ipod well, have you had that problem? he mostly runs on a treadmill though i guess that wouldnt matter as long as it wasnt being jostled around like in a pocket
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Not sure about an iPod adapter, I've been thinking about getting the Motorola MOTOROKR S9 headphones to use with my phone--they seem quite sporty.

In January Motorola announced an updated version would be available Q2 2008, so it might be worth waiting if you can.
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