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I'd like to get into Stand-up Paddlesurfing on the cheap. Can I buy a used windsurfing longboard and start with that?

I found a local old school windsurfing longboard that's 12'6" long, about 30" wide, and about 5' thick in the middle. It also has a removeable daggerboard, a single fin, no straps, and is shaped like your typical surfing longboard. The guy is selling it for a couple hundred bucks and I'm wondering if this is a good way to get into the sport. And what would be a good place to find a paddle without spending the $300 - $500 that carbon fiber paddles are going for?
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Do you surf or windsurf? Honestly, I would start there. You'll get zero respect if you start out as a janitor, trying to clean up the outside of a crowded, competitive lineup in the OC.
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I kitesurf and surf, and am planning to take it out on flat days as an alternative to kayaking. It's not that crowded here in South County.
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oh cool. I would see if there are some local surfing/windsurfing yahoo groups or other message boards...possibly in your area, and ask them. Or ask the guy who's selling you the board.

Also, how hard would it be to carve your own paddle? That'd be wicked cool. You could personalize it with words or designs, it'd be a fun project, a nice conversation piece, and a good homage to the roots of this new sport.
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Caveat: I don't paddleboard. I have surfed a good bit (but by no means am I am a hard charging big outside set guy. I live in Atlanta...Oh, and I have been windsurfing enough to know how.). I don't really know what I'm talking about. But that hasn't seemed to stop anybody else.

I don't think this is going to work. That board is much longer than lots of standup paddleboards that I saw in a quick google (mostly 9s - 10'8"s) I know that there are some 11s. But a 12'6"? How will you turn that board, once the wave breaks?

I think you'll be able to stand up on it, and maybe paddle it, though I am afraid that the weight distribution will be wrong. In standup, you need the *back* of the board to be able to hold up all your weight, without nosing out to badly. I have been on a big, beginner, windsurfer and I don't think the board will do that. You're mostly about 2 feet too far from the tail. What I've seen of standup has the rider *way* to the back. Plus there's the "once you're really surfing part" which I'm also unsure of. I've seen windsurfing in the break, but I dunno if you'll get enough maneuverability. Then there's the problem that, if it DOES work, you'll have learned on a non-standard board, with weird quirks that might be hard to unlearn when you upgrade to a real standup.

Perhaps you could borrow (rent?) a standup paddle, and borrow (rent?) the board that's forsale and get it out in the water. But since you're just beginning, perhaps you won't be able to tell.
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