Can you help me find this sci-fi book series again?
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Please help find the name of series of sci-fi books. It's about a guy who finds some alien artifact on Europa that helps him save Earth from a meteor.

In the first book, he finds the artifact and flies an alien spaceship to Earth to prevent it's destruction using some "deus ex machina" weapon. It ends with him traveling very fast to find a mega construction in space.

In the second book this guy has to save this mega construction with the help of an blue skinned alien and female alien that looks very similar to humans.

Finally, in the third book are teleported to a underwater world and again their mission is to save it.

Clues: every main character possesses some type of sphere-like alien artifact that allows them to understand each others and a bunch of other nifty things.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Sorry about the "odd" english. Not my native language.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Sounds like the Chaos Chronicles by Jeffrey Carver.
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Response by poster: Thanks! You're the best! :)
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