Snow shoeing from the bay area?
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Recommendations for snow shoeing trails (and gear) driveable from the bay area?

The hippy and I want to try some snow shoeing in our region. We both have a pair (set?) of atlas shoes bought at steep steep discount from REI but I am generally clueless as to the other necessary gear (boots?, we have the requisite pants/gators/running gear/etc). Any location suggestions or general info is much appreciated!
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Best answer: I would go up to Tahoe and do some of the trails up there. This site seems to have a good roundup.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link sophist, we're really looking at Tahoe as a primary location, secondaries are the Yosemite arrea or down in S. california.
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Best answer: Last winter I snowshoed out to Dewey Point, Yosemite along a nice trail and the view was amazing. It's popular and there will be some other people out there too. Try to get a weather report. I have been out there when the visibility and weather weren't great and it was still fun, but that view is great, if clear weather.

Do a google search for 'Dewey Point' or "Dewey Point Snowshoe", it was fun. 7 miles round trip.

Keep your feet dry and wear layers you can take off because snowshoeing can be a work out and you can easily overheat. However when you stop moving around for lunch be sure to have enough warm clothes, good luck
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