Nice rack.
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Design for a home-made wooden snowboard/ski/snowshoe rack?

Okay, I want to build a snowboard/ski/snowshoe rack which will sit on our covered porch in the winter. A typical load would be:

2 pairs of snowshoes
2-4 snowboards
2-4 pairs of skis
poles for the above

It needs to be fairly simple to build and it would be nice if it could be moved for the summer, or at least transform into a rack for work clothes and boots. So standalone would be best. I'll be making it out of pressure treated lumber.

Any ideas? The Jam Rack is the closest I've seen but it's not stand-alone, or big enough.
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If it is screened in, I would suggest you make a pulley system which will draw them up to the roof of the porch. It could be something very lightweight, maybe adapt a car roof rack, but mount it on ropes. That way you don't have to worry about tripping over anything.
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A jam rack, squared,like a box,2 cams per side, mounted on a Christmas tree base.
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BTW, I, of course, mean that they should hang from the inside of the porch roof, not on top. Had to mention in case anyone is confused.

Also, ignore my idea if everyone is too tall or if you would have to walk under it to go in or out. It could be bad if it dripped while it was drying.
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Response by poster: Pulley system won't fly... it's not for long term storage, just dumping the gear after a day on the slopes... especially for guests... knackered... so it needs to be a recognizable rack that even kids can use.

The squared jam rack is an intriguing idea. The club where we ski has squared wooden racks which work reasonably well but something like this would be a substantial improvement. I wanted to make each 'slot' available to either snowboard or skis.

I also like the design of the snowboard/ski carriers you find on the back of gondolas... they always look like the won't work, but they do.
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