Is stubhub safe?
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Is stubhub a good site for selling tickets (I just want face value)? If not stubhub, what would you use?

It looks like I might end up with 2 extra tickets to a bowl game. I don't care about making any money, I just don't want to lose much (I don't mind eating the application fee and the shipping etc.) Is stubhub a safe way to sell? It sounds like I get a check after the buyer gets the tickets - what prevents the buyer from saying I never sent them? (I know stubhub gives you a fedex label with tracking info, but there must be something more)

I've seen people on askme recommending it for buying tickets - is it good for selling? I'm not too keen on ebay, and I've considered craigslist, but it's a little flooded at the moment (although since I'm asking for facevalue, I'd be a little cheaper than some). If I go with craigslist - how do I do it safely? Ask them to pay in cash and meet at the bank?

Sorry if this came out frantic - I'm a bit worried about selling these tickets now that I see a bunch of other people doing the same.
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Note that there is a 15% seller's commission on stubhub, so you actually need to charge more than face value to get your money back.
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Stubhub is safe and effective--I have used it many times. And honestly, if you're talking about a bowl game that people are interested in seeing with decent ticket prices (we're not talking $12 Motor City Bowl tickets, right?), you will definitely get a price over face value. Sometimes you'll make a pretty decent profit.
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Stubhub is definitely safe. As a Colts season ticket holder, their ticket guys tell us that they're the preferred reselling method - though I'm sure they're paid to say that. But I've used it twice and have been happy.

And fusinski - as a Purdue alum, I can tell you that Motor City Bowl tickets would rock this year. :)
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If you want safe and easy/painless. Stubhub is the way to go. They help you price your ticket, shipping is paid, it's all really easy and low risk.

Craigslist is a different animal, you'll probably have to field phone calls for a few days, etc. For craigslist, the folks should pay in cash, and you should meet in a public place. We always pick a fast food place near the stadium on the day of the game. It doesn't need to be the bank unless you are talking about a lot of cash. I've purchased tix through craigslist where the person left them at Will Call, but we were buying multiple days, and it was still uncomfortable.

You make the most money on eBay, usually.

You can also always sell them *to* the guys re-selling tix near the stadium. Always good if it is day-of and you just want it over with.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info so far guys. I should have added: If like this askme, I'm in a state with a anti-scalping act - does that affect me for selling on stubhub?
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Gray area. Use your own judgment here, but my guess is that you'll probably be safe.
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It depends on your state. Illinois used to not allow individuals to re-sell tickets for higher than face. (or possibly at all, my memory is fuzzy) so you'd see a lot of eBay auctions for a smashing pumpkins CD and if you won the auction you'd get tickets to a concert.

I believe that Illinois re-wrote the law so that re-selling on the internet was OK (they did something anyway, and as soon as they did the White Sox launched their on-line ticket exchange).

Selling for less than face isn't likely to be a problem.

Your bigger issue may be violating any terms and conditions of your original sale. Like if you are a student and got tickets, I'm not sure what the rules are as far as re-selling it.

ebay keeps track of the state laws here.
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