Linking diverse gameboys
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What's the best way for two people with incompatible gameboys to trade pokemon?

I recently started playing my old Pokemon Blue game again, picking up from where I left off many years ago, intending to catch 'em all this time. A friend of mine dug his Pokemon Red cartridge out of storage to help me, but his gameboy is an old Gameboy Pocket and mine is a GBA, which means we can't hook them together with standard cables: Nintendo changed the plugs, and for all I know maybe the transfer protocol, between hardware versions.

What's my best course of action at this point? Try to obtain or create an adapter? Make friends with another GBA owner to facilitate trades? Buy a second used GBA off ebay?
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My game-playing kids say "upgrade to a Gameboy Advance." They know of no easy way to communicate between them.
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There exists a three-headed link cable out there that will hook up both systems, but I'm not sure if it's available for sale new anymore. You might check eBay.

There are also converters like this one:
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