Gift for Brewers fan?
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I need a cool gift for a Milwaukee Brewers fan. Help!

Any suggestions for a gift for someone who loves the Brewers, history, and also the Packers? I know very little about baseball/football, but am wondering if there are interesting historical artifacts from the team(s) that might be cool. Any thoughts mightily appreciated!
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Does he have a cheese hat?
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Best answer: There are two 1982 Brewers things released this year...

Where Have You Gone '82 Brewers and the DVD Harvey's Wallbangers.

A fan of Brewers history might also really enjoy Nine Innings, but if you're going to order that new copy, do it fast, as the book is actually out of print. (It's the story of baseball in the early 80s told through one game between the 82 Brewers and Orioles). If they don't have it already, I'd almost assure you they'd love it.

If you want bobbleheads or other types of gift recommendations when it comes to the Brewers let me know.
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On the off chance that they live in Milwaukee/can get here for a weekday game, and also like Hockey, there's a really great deal on Admirals/Brewers tickets. It's $32 for two tickets to an Admirals game and two tickets to a Brewers Game. As a bonus, the two Admirals games you can choose from offer free Brewers/Admirals hats.
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Maybe a sweet throwback hat or jersey?
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What is your budget?
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The first thing I thought of (which is why I asked about budget) would be autographed or game-used items. You can buy Brewers autographed baseballs from's shop. They are pricey, but sure to be authentic.

Another idea, as has been mentioned, would be the throwback hat or jersey. If he already has the "glove" style logo hat, a more obscure historical Brewers hat is also available at the MLB shop. I would browse around for something there, they have tons of merchandise.
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Here's stuff with the lesser known 70s Brewers Logo which I still think was kind of cool.

This is my personal favorite thing that I don't have related to the current team... The Prince Fielder Action Figure.

If they're a fan of any particular current player on the team and you're looking to spend roughly $60, you could get a minor league jersey for them. Here's one for Ryan Braun (Though it looks like you wouldn't get it in time for Christmas)... There's also a Prince Fielder one. The Nashville Sounds have a really cool logo (IMO) and are a really cool team, but it might only work for a Brewers "obsessive."

If they like stats, you could also go with a SABR membership.
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I have a Hot Dog bobblehead I got at Miller Park a few years ago. They might like the full set of racing sausage bobbleheads.
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Best answer: I second the SABR membership. Great suggestion.

Anything with Beer Barrel Man on it should make your Brewers fan happy. I am particularly fond of Turn Back The Clock Night jerseys.
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Brewers Crocs.
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The Brewers were the Seattle Pilots for one year before they moved to Milwaukee. A throwback Pilots hat is kind of snazzy and might make a nice, obscure gift that's also a good conversation starter for a Brewers fan.
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Response by poster: Thanks, this is great! I just bought Nine Innings-- I think he'll love that. And it would be cool to find some stuff with Beer Barrel Man-- those old schedules and scorecards robot linked to are great. If I find one, I could frame or enlarge it for wall hanging. I haven't been able to dig up anything for sale, though, with Beer Barrel Man, except some patches and hats...

The SABR membership is a great idea, too, but I'm not sure if it's up his alley. I'll try to ascertain level of interest without revealing the git idea.

Thanks, everyone!
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