MIT Ice Hockey?
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I can't believe I'm asking this, because it's for an unbelievably dorky reason - but google has not helped, and the actual official webpages only go back to the 70's. Does anyone know where I can get a reasonably accurate history of MIT Men's Ice Hockey from the 1950's without having to call them? I can't even figure out if they had a Men's Ice Hockey team in the 50's. Bonus if there's coaches/team rosters/etc, but that's not strictly necessary.
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It presumably goes back to 1955.
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... 1955 being the year they got a new rink. If I read this correctly, the coach of the Beavers was Ben Martina. They lost six of their games in December and January, but defeated UNH 3-2 in the first game on the new ice.
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Best answer: More?

The entire The Tech college paper archives go back to 1881 as pdfs.

For instance, here's an article from January 10, 1950 about two hockey wins.

Vol 070 is 1950.

Vol 079 is 1959.

You can extrapolate the rest and browse to find more hockey articles.
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