How to make Tumblr and WordPress work together nicely?
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How can I resize the output of the Tumblr widget to use in my Wordpress sidebar?

I keep both a tumblelog and a WordPress blog, and would like to use the javascript code that Tumblr provides to display my tumblelog posts in the sidebar of the blog. Trouble is, when I paste the script into a text sidebar widget, all photos and embedded videos are not resized according to its width, making the thing look stupid and disappear off to the right.

Is there any way that I can adjust this, perhaps using CSS? Or, if not, is there any alternative way I could get my Tumblr posts displayed nicely in my WordPress sidebar? My web coding skills are far too inadequate (i.e. non-existent) to have been able to accomplish this myself.
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I don't think a tumblelog as it exists can be embedded into the WordPress sidebar, for the very reason you're running into. That having been said, I use KB Advanced RSS Widget to display the RSS feed. Just the titles. You can see how I implemented it at the top of the sidebar here. (Since the titles run long, you might want to abbreviate their length ... you can do that by having the last variable of the widget be something like <li><a href='^link$'>^title%%25$</a>...</li>.
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