Help me find this baseball poem?
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Here's a bit of a toughy. There's a specific baseball poem I'm looking for, and I'm afraid I don't have much info. [more inside]

The poem is about Luis Aparacio, and in the poem, he's coming in towards the dugout after an inning, and a really obnoxious fan is trying to get his attention, but Luis "fields with his eyes" (the only phrase I remember) and manages to avoid the obnoxious fan. Ring any bells with anybody?
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I can't find it, but if you're googling, I suggest that you properly spell "Luis Aparicio".
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JL: I don't have the answer for you, but here's a clue. You've misspelled Aparicio in your post here, by placing a second "a" where the first "i" belongs. "Luis Aparicio" is the proper spelling; perhaps that might help your google-fu (although it didn't really help mine...). Also, there's a recent literary anthology about baseball, edited by Nicholas Dawidoff, probably available at your local library, that might be your next step? Sorry I can't be of more help; if you do find it, though, please post the site here, as that sounds like something I'd like to track down too.

On preview: tharlan beat me to the spelling correction.
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*sigh* I really did spell it right when I googled, honest!
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I googled like a madman using the correct spelling, wanting to find out more about this poem but didn't have any luck :( Sorry. If you find out JanetLand please share it here!
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