I'm a true fan, but I'm not made of money, and what money I have I'd rather spend on tickets...
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Is there an inexpensive source of hockey jerseys and/or lettering/numbering for said jerseys? If it's a bricks and mortar store, I'm in Chicago.

I'm willing to buy a replica as long as it looks nice. Specifically I want to get a Patrick Kane Blackhawks jersey. I'm not sure if it'd be cheaper to get a jersey from one place and have another place letter it, but I'm sure there's gotta be some hockey fans out there who've found some good deals.

For reference: An authentic jersey from sources I've found is typically $249, plus $60 more for personalization.

It's between $85 and $115 or so for a replica, and still $60 for personalization.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link, but those appear to be the same prices as what I showed in my example above. Am I missing a discount section somewhere, maybe?
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Maybe HP Tops can duplicate it? http://www.hptops.com/ (sorry- for some reason I'm not getting a link command today)

Don't see hockey jerseys on their website specifically, but I know if you go in there they've got every style of top you can think of. It's in downtown Highland park, (right on the Metra line if you're not mobile)
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HP Tops

There it is.
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