Need a holly, jolly book club read
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I'm looking for a book for my book club to read (novel, nonfiction) that takes place during the holidays or has a holiday theme. I've thought of Holidays on Ice, A Christmas Carol (they seem obvious) but am stumped on others. The book doesn't have to totally revolve around the holidays, though. Any suggestions?
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The Corrections should do nicely.
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D'oh, I was going to suggest The Corrections too.
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this might be a little twisted, but jim crace's "quarantine" is about jesus's fast in the excellent, very literate book, if dark and more than a little weird.
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A Prayer for Owen Meaney !!!
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My first thought is Little Women, even though it doesn't take place entirely in the holidays.
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Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory is beeyootiful. It's, I guess, a novella.
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Do you want a mystery?
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Did you mean 'fiction'?
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Seconding Truman Capote's 'A Christmas Memory.'

Sample of his own narration of the story.

The film: A Christmas Memory (1997 | Starring: Patty Duke, Piper Laurie)
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Mustn't forget Geraldine Page as 'Sook' in the 1966 ABC television broadcast of 'A Christmas Memory.'
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Assuming you mean fiction, how about Christopher Moore's The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror? Not Moore's best work, IMO, but still among the most nontraditional holiday-related novels I've read.
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A xmas Memory is a great story, but very short. Not really all that appropriate for a bookgroup.

How about The Doomsday Book. It's speculative fiction, kind of scifi, but really about someone going back in time to learn about England during the Middle Ages. It doesn't focus at all on the scifi part and is very character driven, but it does speculate about what the English Middle Ages were really like. Although it isn't the focus, the book takes place during two different Christmases, and the differences are pretty fascinating.
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"The Dark is Rising" by Susan Cooper takes place at Christmas. It's young adult fiction and not terribly long, but a really great book.
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Response by poster: I meant novel OR nonfiction --I know the difference.
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while the OP did say nonfiction, I can't help but toss up there Jean Shepherd's venerable "In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash". This was (mostly) the source material for the classic Christmas movie "A Christmas Story". It's not really nonfiction, but then again it's not really fiction, either - it's got that cloudy, nostalgic feel that makes it a sheer joy to read. And it's hilarious, which helps make the distinction a moot point.
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What about that John Grisham one that came out a few years ago?

The 1966 version of A Christmas Memory is great. Watch it even if you don't read it.
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Santaland Diaries
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Charles Palliser's The Unburied has a great frosty-spooky-melancholy Christmas atmosphere.
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while the OP did say nonfiction

The OP said "(novel, nonfiction)" two different categories, and then listed a book in each category (although with the order reversed).
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Seconding OmieWise on Doomsday Book if you want a book that's sort of tangental to Christmas rather than being about Christmas. It is set during the holidays, but has no holiday cheer or anything resembling a meditation on the true spirit of Christmas. Damn fine book.

Hogfather, part of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, is about the true spirit of Christmas, sort of. I don't think you'd need to be familiar with the Discworld to appreciate it, but I am, which makes it hard to be sure.
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Jean Heglund's Into the Forest involves one or two Christmases, if I remember correctly and, while very dark, is sure to make everyone in your club grateful for what they have.
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