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SkateFilter! Recommendations, please: good in-line skates, wheels, and accessories for skating in DC? My skating environment alternates between urban streets and sidewalks on work days to well-paved bike trails on weekends. I prefer high speed to tricky maneuverability, though I will wish to jump the occasional crack, twist a quick turn-stop, or negotiate tight curves.

Oh yes, and I'm poor.
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What size are you?
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Response by poster: 8.5 to 9.
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Damn. I have a pair I was gonna offer you if you paid to ship 'em but they're 8's.
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hmm...i have a pair of rollerblade-brand macroblade equipes that have been with me just about 10 years now.

it's probably worth the investment for a better class of skate if you can still see yourself using them in 10 years (and your feet aren't growing).

otoh since i've had the same pair of skates for 10 years, though, i couldn't really tell you what's good/appropriate for your needs that's on the market now.
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Be sure to shop around to learn about all the features available. I just bought a pair of Solomons because of the quick lace system they have (one pull and the laces are tight -- no tying), which is very important to me.

And, of course, be sure to try them on -- I bought online and have to send them back because they are half a size too small.
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You might know all of this already, it's hard to tell. You probably want skates in the "fitness" category. They're usually 4-wheeled skates with larger wheels and brakes. These are good for trails, but not so speed oriented that you lose mobility for the city.

If you're at a level where you really don't need brakes, you might want "speedskates" which have 5 large wheels (80mm) and no brakes. But this is probably not a great route for you cost wise: (a) they are more expensive and (b) stopping requires dragging the wheels of one skate, thereby eating up the big 80mm wheels (which cost more than smaller wheels) quickly.

Where: First, search all of the mail order inline houses for closeouts, used skates, etc. Check out club website (there are a couple local DC inline clubs) for used skates. Also, check craigslist.

I'm not in the market (so I am not looking closely) but I've seen skates at places in the DC area (sports authority, galyons, dick's) that look like decent fitness skates for under $200 - sometime as low as $99. Check the ads in Sunday's WaPo.
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