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Halloween costume: I'd like to go as Krang in his robot suit from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween. Please help.

Krang images here (not technosavvy):

I need help with building a shallow mounting (likely attached to suspenders) for the brain to reside in. Any suggestions of a plexiglass-like material, particularly one with some give but still sturdy enough to survive the night, would be great. Other ideas (such as where to get a cheap brain) also welcome. I'm in New York.

(going to bed soon, but I'll check back tomorrow to answer any questions anyone may have)
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Depending on your build and how much mass you wanted your brain to have, you could put a jello brain (or part of one) in some sort of shallow container (like those clear bead or bait trays with the dividers removed) and strap it to your front. Or, you could always just paper mache it out of some water+flour and newspaper, then paint it pink and some clear food contianer (lots of salad mixes come in rigid, clear containers that might work).

What are you limitations here? How far do you want to take this? Is this a scrappy, make-it-work-however-for-no-cash kind of approach, or are you wanting to really attempt something grand?
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My boyfriend was Krang for Halloween last year. We made the brain out of pink felt (heavily glue-gunned), googly eyes, and construction paper. I think it turned out well--after all, it's based on a cartoon (at least, ours was), so you don't want to get TOO photorealistic.

Picture here

For suspenders, we used posterboard. The glasses were posterboard wrapped in duct tape. We didn't have a casing for the brain; just stuck in on the front of the belt. It's a good idea, though--I'd just find a cheap clear plastic bowl.
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I just wanted to add that looking at the pictures you wouldn't want to "encase" Krang in anything. His arms are outside of the torso in a few of those pictures.

I think ethorson's boyfriend's costume looks pretty great for what it is, and I'd suggest maybe shooting for something like that (simple yet easily recognizable).

What an awesome idea. I just added it to my "costume ideas" list for next year.
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Thanks all - in the small chance that anyone is checking back, I am tall enough to pull this off (6'4") but probably too skinny. Anyway, I'd like to keep it reasonably cheap, but would be willing to spend somewhere in the $40-50 range if it was a big improvement.

yeah, ethorson, thanks - that's a great help.
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