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Where can I watch the Canucks game this Friday in Montreal?

Anyone know where I can catch the Vancouver Canucks season opener this Friday? I'm visiting Montreal. It's on Sportsnet, so there's usually a blackout for regular cable users, you usually need a satellite. Is there a sports bar in Montreal that carries this sort of thing?
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drop the puck
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My suggestions would be:

Le Pistol
Cage au Sports.

At any of these places you'll probably have to coax the waiter/waitress to get it on the right channel but all should have the means to play your game. Le Pistol less so than others even if it's a bit more trendy.
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The Peel Pub has a dozen or more TVs always tuned to sports. Since the game is on the west coast it might be one of the few sports things on TV at that time of night. I bet you'd find it there. But Le Pistol would also be a good bet.
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the Peel Pub recycles its beer and its pasta, and treats their staff like shit and no, I don't think that changing their location to a former Wendy's restaurant fixed anything. If you want it downtown (since St-Laurent is a nightmare these days) try McLeans pub next door to the Peel Pub.
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Yep, the game is only showing on Sportsnet Pacific (I was hoping maybe you'd be in luck and they'd be broadcasting it nationally, but Vancouver fans don't usually get any love past the Rockies). I can't help you much in Montreal, but in the worst case scenario, you could listen to it via internet radio - I think will be linking to the Team1040 broadcast. Unless of course you have access to an XM satellite radio, then you'd be set. (Damn them for taking the NHL games from Sirius...). Personally, I almost always prefer Tom and Shorty anyway :)
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Champs, as mentioned, will definitely have it. It might not be on the big screen but you won't have to beg anyone to put it on.
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